”En vän visar alltid kärlek, en broder är till för att hjälpa i nöden”

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About Filippus

The Filippus Ukrainahjälpen Foundation was established in 1992 after a visit to Berdychiv, Ukraine. About twenty people (mostly young people) participated in the trip and witnessed the great needs that existed. At the formation of the association, Staffan Jonsson, Erik Nordin, Evert Jonsson, Bertil Sjöström and Micael Jonsson were present. During the six months after its establishment, they searched high and low for a bus to transport supplies to Ukraine, and eventually, a postal bus was purchased, enabling them to provide assistance.

There have been many trips since the foundation, and currently, there is a bus, a trailer with a tractor, and a trailer in the vehicle fleet. They belong to the company Hjälptransporten i Örnsköldsvik AB and are entirely owned by the foundation. Learn more about our vehicle fleet.

Membership information

You have the opportunity to support the foundation’s activities by becoming a supporting member. You will regularly receive information about the activities and also be offered the opportunity to join one of the trips at a favorable price.

Aid transport trips and locations

The foundation organizes trips for interested individuals to participate in aid transports. Currently, there are two different destinations that travelers have the opportunity to visit. One area is located in the central part of Ukraine and focuses on the town of Berdychiv with surrounding villages and communities. The other area is in the Carpathian Mountains, a mountainous region in the southwestern part of Ukraine. The main town here is Mukachevo with several surrounding mountain villages.

Our operations primarily target locations with significant needs for assistance in Lutsk, Charkiv, Mucachevo, Berdichev in Ukraine and Oradea in Romania.

The Summer camp in Lutsk/Betel

The summer camp has been under the management of Filippus Lutsk since the early 2000s. The camp was built during the era of communism in the 1960s and was in poor condition when it was purchased.

Sergei Porokhnavets (our interpreter for many years) oversees the camp and now resides there with his wife Vera and daughter Elvira. The summer home has been widely used by various organizations and churches that have held gatherings and camps, primarily for children and youth. What has been lacking is a gathering place/church on the premises, and during Filippus’ 100th journey, the travelers, along with Sergei, began to consider if it would be possible to undertake a construction project.

During 2017/2018, many volunteers contributed with both materials, money, and lots of time to build for example wall blocks in Sweden. In September 2017, the building blocks for a church were transported to Lutsk with two trailers. The foundation had already been laid, so construction began as soon as all the materials were in place. There were two more trips in March and in the end of May 2018 to arrange everything with sound, light, and a beautiful bell tower. The inauguration on June 2nd was a miracle; no one could have imagined that this church would be in place in less than a year. For God, everything is possible – we are so grateful. Now the summer camp is fully booked throughout the summer and has also been blessed with new bunk beds for accommodations, washing machines, dryers, and water purification, among other things.

Second-hand market and café

Filippus gratefully accepts donations in the form of clothing, which we transport to Ukraine, items that we can sell through our second-hand market in central Örnsköldsvik, and monetary donations.

At our second-hand market, you can shop for home decor and sit down for some coffee and pastries.

Contact us

Ukrainahjälpen Filippus
Bertil Sjöström
Fabriksgatan 23C
891 33 Örnsköldsvik
+46 70-537 91 54 or +46 70-377 81 40

Second-hand market Örnsköldsvik
Ann-Christin Hamberg
+46 70-235 42 72

Clothing collection in Ullånger
Eva Bylund
+46 73-046 55 30

Clothing collection in Ljustorp
Per Nygren
+46 76-104 84 00